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Worker's Compensation Insurance

We Specialize, So You Don't Have To

At Simplesure we keep things simple for our clients. By focusing on specific industries we have obtained a degree of expertise that allows us to save you time and frustration when managing your business insurance requirements.

Healthcare Providers

Simplesure works with home health care providers, hospice, nursing homes, assisted living, physicians, clinics, mental health counseling services, and physical therapists.

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Staffing Agencies

We work with staffing agencies across the nation to find the right coverage for them. Whether you're looking for workers' compensation or management liability coverage, we can help!

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Products Liability

We can provide products liability insurance for any product manufactured or sold in the US and abroad; including aviation products. We can help you discover the best coverage for your products.

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Aircraft & Aviation

Simplesure can cover a huge variety of aircraft, from piston, turbine and jet aircraft, and rotorcraft. We work with hangers, FBO’s, service providers and airports too.

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