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Our Company

Simplesure was founded in 1999 with the idea that “businesses do not want to spend an inordinate amount of time and energy managing their insurance needs.” 

Our goal was to simplify the process of obtaining and managing the routine services associated with business insurance, so our clients could focus on the other important aspects of their business.

Today we serve businesses across the country in over 30 states. We have been successful because we are focused on select markets and have the experience, knowledge and skills to provide guidance and assist in managing our client’s ongoing insurance needs.

Specialized in the Business Insurance Needs of …

Simplesure has developed expertise through their focused attention on select markets and products liability insurance for manufacturers and distributors.

Simplify the Process of Managing a Business’s Insurance Needs

  • Offer Direction and Guidance on Insurance Questions
  • Manage Details and Overall Insurance Process
  • Provide Insurance without the Drama

Our approach begins with a high-level conversation, not an application. Simplesure is a dedicated team of problem solvers. We understand the nuances of business insurance. We provide expertise and insight based on your specific business requirements.

Reduce Time and Energy Spent on Insurance Matters

  • Assume Responsibility for Managing Routine Insurance Requirements
  • Eliminate Time Spent by Client on Time Consuming Insurance Matters
  • Allows Client to Focus on Primary Business Goals and Objectives

We know the #1 frustration with insurance is the labor-intensive, time-consuming process of choosing insurance providers and dealing with claims. We can reduce the amount of time and resources spent on insurance matters giving our clients more time to work on other business objectives.

Able to Serve Businesses from Start-Ups to Larger Firms

  • Experience Working with Businesses from Small to Large
  • Work Closely with Clients to Provide Complete Insurance Coverage
  • Offer Online Resources, After Hours and 24/7 Support
  • Coverage Available in Most States

We provide our clients with the right insurance coverage regardless of location. We also offer online resources for quotes, claims and payments, so you can manage your insurance needs when it fits your schedule.

We think insurance is a tool just like a hammer is a tool that’s used to build something or a violin is a critical part of a symphony orchestra. Anyone can pick up a tool but it’s the skill of knowing how to use it to get things done that matters.

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