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Insurance for Medical Clinics

Medical and healthcare clinics require comprehensive business and liability insurance to cover them for property losses due to fire, theft, and storms, as well as liability claims involving patient privacy, neglect, and abuse. Simplesure works with you to provide a medical clinic insurance policy that meets the specific needs of your practice.

Medical Clinic Insurance coverage may include:

  • General Liability
  • Commercial Property
  • Loss of Business Income Theft and Crime
  • Incidents of patient abuse or neglect
  • Patient privacy errors
  • Staff negligence to proper procedure in medical care
  • Simple accidents on clinic property
  • Patient property theft or damage
  • Employee injury
  • Employee exposure to pathogens
  • Lawsuits, investigations, and settlements
  • Medical expenses, attorney fees and damages you are legally responsible for

Medical Clinic Insurance Protection

It is important to protect your medical clinic from significant property and business income loss. A comprehensive medical clinic insurance plan will protect the costly, physical assets of your company including buildings, their contents, and any outdoor fixtures such as signs and fencing.

Liability insurance can help cover medical expenses, attorney fees and damages you are legally responsible for. Most businesses need general liability insurance to protect against:

  • Lawsuits, investigations, and settlements
  • Medical damages, attorney fees and injury damages
  • Abuse coverage for liability

Insuring Medical Clinics of All Types

We’ll work with you to build an insurance policy for your medical clinic that will meet the specific needs of your practice in these areas:

  • Rehab Facilities
  • Community, Family Planning, and Rural Clinics
  • College and University Health Centers
  • Community Health Centers
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Imaging, X-Rays, CT Scan, MRI and Ultrasound Facilities
  • Medical Laboratories, Drug Testing, Paternity, Pathology Labs
  • Surgery Centers

Let the staff of Simplesure create an insurance solution that meets your business' needs to protect your financial interests and professional reputation.

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