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Traveling can be disruptive to positive fitness and health routines that you find easier to follow in the comfort of your home and familiar surroundings. Maintaining these routines become different once you factor in work-related stress brought on by long meetings, air travel, hotel beds and possible jet lag. You don't have to neglect your fitness while traveling for business. Consider the following ideas for staying fit while traveling.

1. Embrace your surroundings.

Make time to explore and sightsee. Taking a short walk in the neighborhood surrounding your hotel is enough to get your blood pumping and give you an opportunity to take in some of the local sights.

2. Get outdoors.

Find a local hiking trail and take a break from the busy world. Swim in the hotel pool. Rent a bicycle and go for an early morning ride before your first meeting.

Watch your fitness numbers and try to add an evening activity to counterbalance a slow day.

3. Choose active lodgings.

Business travelers can become sedentary during travel and eat unhealthy foods while on the go. Choose a hotel with a nice fitness center that is open at the hours that best suit your schedule. Consider joining a yoga class, or other fitness and training opportunities. Make sure to pack workout cloth and tennis shoe.

4. Small movements matter.

Finding ways to incorporate some additional movement into an otherwise sedentary day helps get you active. Take the stairs in the hotel when possible, have a meeting while walking, park far from your destination or walking in the airport during layovers can add much-needed movement to your time away.

5. Stay Active and wear a fitness tracker.

Watch your fitness numbers and try to add an evening activity to counterbalance a slow day. You may not be able to hit your normal fitness goals, but every little bit helps. Staying active while on the road can prevent you from having to make up lost ground when you return home.

6. Drink plenty of water.

Its normally a no-brainer, but many people forget to stay hydrated while traveling – especially if they're visiting a warmer, more humid environment than the one back home. Staying properly hydrated is a key element of good health.

7. Try new things!

Traveling is a great opportunity to try new types of physical activity and to explore an environment that may be very different from your usual surroundings. The possibilities are endless when you're in a new place – so seize them!