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If you work in the healthcare industry, the recent rise of COVID-19 has probably been a major topic of discussion. The entire public needs to be aware of potential problems, and health facilities doubly so. As the spread of the coronavirus increases, it will be important that certain parameters are followed to limit the spread and ensure that those who need care can get it.

The CDC has provided some general guidelines so as to be prepared.

  1. Plan a meeting time to review preparations with staff so that everyone is prepared.

  2. Have alternatives in place for face-to-face visits and encourage patients who can to use help lines instead of coming in in person. Furthermore, making sure there is a good supply of protective equipment, like health masks, can help the spread internally.

  3. Have systems in place to triage patients with heavy respiratory illness. COVID-19 takes a heavy toll on the lungs, even more so for those with pre-existing respiratory problems. In that way, have separated areas in waiting rooms, at least six feet apart, so that patients are not right on top of each other.

While the spread of certain diseases is inevitable, we can do are best to with certain preventative matters. Particularly within healthcare facilities we hope that we are generally protected within their sterile walls.

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