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Elder Care, Liability Coverage, and Responsibility: Part 2

Any facility dealing with elderly clients should have extensive coverage the encompasses the many issues that may arise. Anything that could affect the elderly’s is of concern. The physical makeup of a building needs to be compliant with industry standards and properly insured. If a resident is injured within the building or on the property, the business can be liable for restitution.

There is a litany of pratfalls that involve employees. It is vital that all employees are trained and receive any essential certification. At that same time, making sure that employees continue to adhere to policies will avoid trouble down the line. During a recent case of elder abuse revealed through hidden cameras, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reported that 1 and 5 emergency room1 visits for nursing home clients was due to abuse. When a nursing home employee is abusive to the elderly clients, both the home and individual employee are subject to lawsuits. An institution can be brought down due to the recklessness of a single employee.

Since retirement homes are based in the care industry, the work done should indeed be careful. Sometimes residents avoid reporting neglect or abuse because they fear retribution from the staff that controls all aspects of their life. Sometimes people have aged to a point that they may not understand they are being taken advantage of. Following an investigation, a home in California2 saw residents wearing soiled clothes or having distinct bruises. State and federal investigators, in some scenarios, found the employees and the business itself liable.

It is important to note, however, that sometimes the employees have their own cases against their employer. Wage theft it is a common problem, especially among caregivers, which often leads to a sub-par job being performed. Either way, the hiring institution will also be held liable if their employees, with reason or not, are found to be neglecting the care of older residents.

Whenever determining policies and regulations for any business, it is important to understand and implement any local, state, or federal laws. Furthermore, employees must also be aware of these procedures and ensure their actions are independently certified.

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