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Soon Halloween treats and candy will be flowing, followed by grandmas Thanksgiving pecan pie and a whole month of Christmas cookies and cakes. Before you know it you’ve put on five pounds!

Please enjoy the holidays!  Be food smart about what you eat and try some carb shifting recipes to replace some of the sugary treats you might normally indulge yourself.

Salmon is king!  Remember salmon is incredibly tasty, has tons of healthy omega three fats and best of all Salmon has NO CARBS.

CHEESE!  Thank your friends from Wisconsin and indulge yourself with some cheese. NO CARBS!

Hard-boiled eggs make awesome snacks with lots of protein and just a few carbs.

Even low carb foods will make you fat if you eat too many calories.  Use your favorite smartphone app to keep an eye on your total daily calories.

Most of all, enjoy the holidays and by eating smarter you can skip the new year’s resolutions!