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With the threat of cyber attacks increasing daily, it’s necessary to be prepared in the event of an attack on you and your customers' information.

During the first 6 months of 2017, almost 2 billion data records were breached in cyber attacks. No matter what type of business you own, there is always potential for a cybercriminal to hack into your business’ computers and networks. Cybercriminals could be hunting for credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, or even valuable company secrets. Data breaches could even occur when an employee’s laptop computer is stolen while traveling for work. While cyber insurance is still a fairly new offering for businesses, the need for it has become more important than ever for any business that collects any type of personal information for whatever reason. There’s no guarantee that anyone's information is ever 100% safe.

A cyber liability policy can help you prepare before a data breach ever occurs, but it is absolutely essential to have in the aftermath of a cyber attack. Cyber liability insurance will cover your business’ liability in the event of a data breach that involves a customer’s information. In the event of a cyber attack where customer information has been compromised, a cyber liability policy affords you more benefits than just a general liability policy. If your business is affected by a data breach, most states require you to inform customers that their information could be at risk. Cyber liability insurance can mitigate that process by notifying customers at risk, recovering and securing the compromised data, repairing affected computer systems, offering third-party credit monitoring services, and covering extra legal fees that are incurred during the unfortunate event.

Technology plays such a vital role in almost every business. You use it to communicate with customers, conduct business, handle payroll - and the list goes on. No company is too big or too small to be susceptible to cyber crimes and these crimes are constantly evolving. SimpleSure has solutions that will help protect your reputation, not to mention your business and personal assets.

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These attacks have become so common, but as business owners and consumers we have to take the extra precautions to keep sensitive personal information safe. Yes, insurance helps, but cybersecurity begins with some inside preparation as your business’ first line of cyber defense.