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If you have an iPhone or an Android, chances are that every place you visit is being tracked, location by location, including the exact times you were there. And if it's an Android, all that tracking data is being sent straight to Google.

We all value our privacy, but our increased use of mobile devices may be putting many of us at risk. Ironically, buried deep within our "Privacy Settings" on our mobile phones is a little-known feature called "Frequent Locations". This service tracks every single place you go and provides an exact time when you were there.

Apple told NBC News they use the information to provide personalized services and that "it's kept solely on your device and won’t be sent to Apple without your consent." Google, the maker of Android, told NBC News that users have the ability to "enable or disable location capabilities both on their Android device and Google Account."

In most cases, unfortunately, you have probably already consented to the information being sent to both Apple and Google in one of those long agreement forms that everyone just clicks Agree to at the bottom.

How to turn off Frequent Locations on your device.


  • Under Settings, select Privacy.
  • Select Location Services.
  • Select System Services.
  • Select Frequent Locations.
  • Slide Frequent Locations to "off" position.


Under Settings go to Locations > My Places > Uncheck the box next to ON > Then delete location history.

Following these steps on iPhone or Android will stop your location information from being tracked, collected and shared. Although doing so may have some adverse effect on your "personalized service" provided by Apple and Google.