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Insurance for General Staffing Agencies

Staffing firms possess unique insurance needs. Since the types of positions being filled can vary from one firm to the next, locating insurance companies who understand this industry is important. Workers compensation, general liability, and professional liability are large expenses and represent areas of significant risk exposure.

Working with our clients specific needs allows us to tailor insurance coverage for the types of placements they fill and the different businesses they work with. 

This includes the following eligible classes:

  • Medical staffing
  • Industrial staffing
  • Chemical operations
  • Contractors
  • Clerical
  • Logistics operations
  • Auto fleet and delivery operations
  • Manufacturing
  • Start ups

Minimum premiums

  • Medical Staffing $7,500
  • Clerical Staffing $10,000
  • Industrial, manufacturing and all others $50,000
    Certain insurance carriers have higher minimum premiums

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